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Kim jong UN hotel

Project background:

Jiangxi shangrao city zhengyuan hotel co., LTD., is a standard construction of luxury business hotel.

The hotel is located in shangrao city, was built in March 2008, the total construction area of 12,285 square meters, the total investment of more than 80 million yuan, set rooms, Chinese and western catering, entertainment, conference in one.

Project requirements:

Protect and filter the hotel air-conditioning system in the early stage.

Application scheme:

After years of operation, the air conditioning system is in urgent need of renovation and maintenance, and the guarantee of clean water is the premise of maintaining the air conditioning system.

And the principle of duiling self-cleaning filtration system is driven by the motor self-cleaning filter filter screen cleaning, and then through the sewage valve discharge filter screen interception down the impurities, can effectively remove impurities in the water to ensure the quality of water.

From the early drawings, parameter confirmation to the final filtering solution, the hotel responsible for the environment of the spirit of great trust, and the spirit of the air conditioning system will ensure the stability and efficient operation.


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