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The trumpet urges, the war drums swell--CDFS is in a hot scene!

     The crops have farming and leisure seasons, and business is divided between high and low seasons, but there is only one scene of enthusiasm in the CDFS factory all year round. Project orders are being intensified to accelerate production, snow and wind, day and night!


      You see, the technical department advances every minute and every second to work overtime to coordinate, check, supervise and evaluate the work of each project. Regular meetings are held weekly to keep abreast of the progress of the work.

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     You see, the production department does not leave a retreat, reverses the construction period, advances the implementation of various items, and tracks and manages the implementation requirements of the production to ensure that each production is completed on time, quality and quantity.

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1561530875820092.jpg  1561530875509723.jpg

     Please feel that the logistics department's high starting point and high standards plan to improve the production environment, make every effort to promote the construction of production projects, carefully handle every level, and do everything well.


     Trumpet reminder, war drums! The interaction of Dowling up and down, coordination of left and right, full implementation, and rapid promotion of environmental protection production, a scene of enthusiasm.

The article label CDFS hot environmentally friendly production production
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